ALTC2013 – Day Two


  1. 09.00 Learning Technologist of the Year Showcase #altc2013 #ltaward
  2. Interested to see learning technologist of the year presentations #altc2013
  3. Use of audioboo in primary school… Children able to listen to themselves speak. Benefits are more progress and more confidence #altc2013
  4. Amazing increase in confidence with students using @audioboo to improve speaking. Will last a lifetime. #altc2013
  5. @sheilmcn presenting at learning technologist showcase #altc2013 talking about @cetisuk and power of blogging…
  6. Shelia mcneal Important to fund people think about learning technology strategically #altc2013
  7. Blog is like a cafe for discussions… Drop in and discuss. Outcomes from sharing of ideas #altc2013…
  8. Tech5 team talking about how to enable learners using technology they want to use #altc2013
  9. @mattlingard doing a good job chairing #ltaward session plagued by technical hiccups, seasoned professional #altc2013
  10. Great project from tek5. Combination of empowerment and technology. #altc2013…
  11. FAB examples of empowering students at #ltaward Really significant, NCN this time – local college 🙂 #altc2013
  12. Tek5 listen to how students want to learn with technology. Support is essential let them lead #altc2013
  13. Gloria Vistini talking about TEL, Bristol in School of Modern Language. Trying to change status quo in HE #altc2013…
  14. 2 step approach for change.Communicate to understand perceptions and assumptions. Then try new technologies and pilot with support #altc2013
  15. “A highly challenging aspect of work as a LT trying to enable change when barriers are put up for change…” #altc2013
  16. @frenchdisko sounds like a huge task. Will follow with interest
  17. @AndyBeggan presenting about PARIS project about sustainability OERs. Collaborative teams #ltaward #altc2013
  18. @tundeva enjoyed your presentation yesterday about the elearning team #altc2013
  19. NOOC at Nottingham was available for students and staff, freeing from tyranny of the timetable #altc2013
  20. Nice to know there are innovative departments / schools eg ScHARR – need support for innovation #altc2013
  21. Is running a MOOC possible, increase @ScHARRSheffield profile and recruit paying students… Reasons for trying a MOOC #altc2013
  22. – SCHARR MOOC diaries #altc2013
  23. NOOC students could get cert of completion for individual weeks or work on credit for course completion #altc2013
  24. An app based approach to #moocs for sharing… #altc2013
  25. LaTTE – Learning and Teaching Test Environments, LT’s influencing teaching environments #altc2013
  26. IT, Registry, Estates, Learning Technologists collaborated to form learning and teaching test environment (LaTTE) w/ real classes #altc2013
  27. Does the DDA 2012 trump the Performance Rights of lecturers to refuse their lectures being recorded? Test case? #altc2013 @bensteeples
  28. Eliminate stigma re using assistive tech/features by promoting the benefits for all – don’t need a disability 2 benefit #altc2013 #UoLTEL
  29. Learning technologists being involved right at the start in new building design with architects at Wolverhampton #altc2013
  30. “@dranners: More about LaTTE project here:… #altc2013” like the business lecturer who appreciated chairs on wheels
  31. Some really good ideas coming from Essex on lecture capture: reassurances for staff, opt outs, 24hour staff only access for edits #altc2013
  32. Free to download the “thetford Tudor tombs app” by end of September. Def worth a look! #altc2013
  33. “@jpodcaster: U of Essex: 90% of students would recommend lecture capture to new undergraduates #altc2013@LT_tech_HE
  34. Looking forward to presenting session at #altc2013… #WordPress
  35. @jimjamyahauk + @_KirstenT giving insights into staff development at University of Leeds #altc2013 including accredited programmes
  36. WordPress used by @jimjamyahauk and @_KirstenT at Leeds to deliver orientation package, VLE training etc. Mobile friendly. #altc2013
  37. Nice to hear about what @_KirstenT and @jimjamyahauk have been doing around staff development at Leeds since my departure #altc2013
  38. Brilliant session by @jimjamyahauk and @_KirstenT #altc2013 addressing one of my big issues for @UniSouthWales in the next year
  39. Great presentation by @_KirstenT & @jimjamyahauk on ‘Building a culture of flexible online learning’ using WordPress for staff CPD #altc2013
  40. Good examples of digital annotation via a tablet in languages. I love tablets for this. #altc2013
  41. @helenwhd good idea…. It’s also strange meeting people face to face that you recognise only from their social media profile #altc2013
  42. ‘Third half of brain is google scholar’#youcannothavethreehalvesofyourbrain #pedant #altc2013
  43. Students studying Spanish at Manchester were so proud of audio books they created, they wanted copies for their parents #altc2013
  44. @sarahhorrigan I’ve got one half of my brain bigger than the other
  45. Flipped classroom, not about reducing contact hours, just using them more effectively #altc2013
  46. ALTC2013 building a culture of flexible online learning Presentation now available:… #altc2013 #wordpress
  47. BigData session starting. You’re at the sharp end. Budget £0. Course level @lynchp1 #altc2013…
  48. Being able to see the individual student as well as trends. Could reveal multiple issues #altc2013…
  49. One of the challenges associated with analytics is deciding what the data is telling us #altc2013
  50. Students consider VLE to be old fashioned and dull compared to other websites, not a pleasure to browse #altc2013
  51. Reflecting on course design affecting course participation rather than students. #altc2013
  52. Big data has given insight into student behaviour and engaged staff with technology use #altc2013
  53. Responses to showing data to students showed mixed responses to knowing others activities #altc2013
  54. Student attitudes: want functionality LIKE Facebook for ed. WordPress + BuddyPress could make that happen. #JustSayin#altc2013 #UoLTEL
  55. @robingissing @_KirstenT why thank you… Couldn’t believe it was available… So snaffled it 🙂
  56. “@digitalfprint: Students take pics of the board as a visual revision aid .. #altc2013 // I do that!” //ditto
  57. Community structure of academic network. Probed…More senior acads the greater the degree and centrality #altc2013…
  58. Principles: collaborate, with structure; work outcomes with LT changes; build capacity & capability across the institution #altc2013 #UoLTEL
  59. Cormac O’Keeffe mess is sometimes a product of social research . Have to distort it into a map #altc2013…
  60. New #xpert features automagically appends CC license to image for easier reuse #altc2013
  61. Cormac O’Keeffe facing insights into active network theory using @Gephi #altc2013…
  62. Cormac O’Keeffe citations between academics are quite closed in areas #altc2013…
  63. Cormac O’Keeffe session on eassessment network theories starting #altc2013…
  64. had some rest time before this evening final preps for session tomorrow #altc2013
  65. MT@cbokhove: How can people criticize MOOCs cos of their political agenda, and then present their ‘everyone iPads’ research? #altc2013
  66. Tek5 team empowering girls to get involved in computer science and other male orientated jobs #altc2013
  67. RT @KevAtNIACE: Hull College picking up the Learning Technology Team of the Year at #altc2013
  68. Whoop @sheilmcn is ALT’s Learning Technologist of the Year #altc2013 (check her new blog
  69. Absolutely thrilled to be this years Learning Technologist of the year – thank you #altc2013

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