The MOOC Survey: Drivers, Implementation and Impacts of MOOCs

As part of my masters dissertation I’m carrying out a MOOC Survey and interviews – you can find this survey at

Further details on the survey link (and below):

About The MOOC Survey

This survey aims to understand the effects of MOOCs* on institutions within the Higher Education sector through the following areas:

  1.    Impacts that production of MOOCs are having within Institutions
  2.    The process of how MOOCs are being implemented
  3.    Drivers and rationale for producing MOOCs
  • The survey consists of 3 main sections, structured around the above areas.  
  • Everyone is asked to complete the first section if your institution has run MOOCs.  
  • The second and third are dependent upon your responses.
  • The survey will take between 5 – 20 minutes to complete (and you can pause and return to it at any point).

Whatever your role is within Higher Education your views and opinions are valuable, and appreciated.  It is possible to complete this survey anonymously.

The survey has been created by James Little, University of Sheffield, as part of his MEd. Masters Dissertation.  It has been ethically reviewed and approved by the supervisor Tim Herrick, School of Education, University of Sheffield. Survey data will be stored and used for the dissertation and ongoing research, within the EU and using best practice policies.  Any personal data is optional and if provided will be stored securely and anonymised during analysis.

If you would also like to be interviewed about you and your institution’s involvement in MOOCS please indicate below or alternatively contact James Little at or on Twitter: @jimjamyahauk

Many thanks for choosing to complete this survey – visit to continue…

– (Some questions are identical to: The U.S. surveys by Allen and Seaman conducted in 2013  and/or 2014. The HOME EU MOOC Survey.  All questions are used with permission.)
* Definition of MOOCs by the EU HOME Project
– If you would like to use any of the questions from this survey please ask permission from James Little (contact details above)

The MOOC logo by Elliot Lepers is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

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