ALTC2013 – Day Three

ALTC2013 Day Three

  1. @sarahhorrigan excellent. Thanks. Have remembered memory stick and laptop
  2. ALT-C 2013 – Fiona Harvey, James Little & Helen Whitehead: via @youtube
  3. .@Downes has helpfully published his notes from #altc2013.…
  4. @sarahhorrigan and @jimjamyahauk talking about staff dev Telus project at Sheffield. Neither work there any more 🙂 #altc2013
  5. Importance of ownership of project being emphsised by @jimjamyahauk and @sarahhorrigan (what happens when innovators leave?) #altc2013
  6. #altc2013 so many learning technologists knocking on academics doors .. How flip so they knocking on ours ..
  7. RT @ljhollinshead: How can we get top down driver for staff development in learning technology? #altc2013 would love to have an answer 🙁
  8. Just in time staff development, running along side development of an online academic programme #altc2013
  9. Running staff development along side the development of a programme, align it with institutional strategies #altc2013
  10. MOOCs have ideal role in helping those that have to teach online at least get some experience of online teaching 🙂 #altc2013
  11. late adopters to online teaching/learning miss interaction, relationship and don’t understand what it feels like for the student #altc2013
  12. Just presented about TELUS staff dev with @sarahhorrigan whilst at @sheffielduni… #altc2013
  13. Great session by @SueFolley about differences between online teaching and f2f teaching… #altc2013
  14. @jamielepiorz @Scrabble_Girl loads in #edtech community seem to be using it… Prob in addition to other platforms too
  15. Teaching online was Challenging and unsettling. New online teachers very anxious about the process. Peer support vital. #altc2013
  16. @SueFolley do you think resistance to teaching online… Scared? Unconsidered? Unaware of benefits? #altc2013
  17. Over and over again successful online teaching and learning tech implementation comes down solely to people’s attitudes #altc2013
  18. @sarahhorrigan attitudes to time, discovery, learning and inquisitiveness? Ps,feel silly tweeting whilst set next to you #altc2013
  19. Much more positive in Queensland University of Technology. Blended is the norm #altc2013
  20. “Blended learning is now the norm in Australia” @LT_tech_HE #altc2013 #UoLTEL……
  21. Re @SueFolley talk: training def helps but lots of academics don’t want to learn to teach full stop, let alone learn to teach OL #altc2013
  22. Academic role in transition to e teaching. Large increase in workload… #altc2013…
  23. Nice quote by @sheilmcn ” In xMOOCs you watch a video, in cMOOCs you make a video” #altc2013
  24. “@DebbieHolley1: #altc2013 and the JISC MOOC book!…” @fionajharvey
  25. MOOCs are crazy, some are like being at a conference, but not as structured as previous experience of online courses @sheilmcn at #altc2013
  26. What are all the roles that we expect our staff to now do when using learning technology #altc2013
  27. Timing and space for professional development is an issue for some staff… #altc2013
  28. Is lecture capture the worst educational technology?Clive Young puts argt for the negative #altc2013…
  29. @sarahhorrigan #altc2013 only took 5 mins to type and somehow no typos…
  30. #octel about professional development for those working in FE/HE as part of @A_L_T objectives #altc2013…
  31. Leicester schools use of tech to support L&T. Survey of staff skills looks useful? #altc2013 @NewmanEducation
  32. #octel could cost £10k a year to run… But offset by alt membership income #mooc #biz #altc2013
  33. Building up the professional status of ALT is part of its current trajectory. #altc2013
  34. Tech challenge about #rss for linking… Is it becoming underused? Hard to use as lack of support @mhawksey ruminates #altc2013
  35. @mhawksey think you’re basically talking about big data for the #octel course to surface trends and needs and activity? #altc2013
  36. ocTEL: Living in the open video #altc2013 #ocTEL
  37. “@mtm_rich: Last day at #altc2013 check out OMBEA audience response system, very interesting voting system. #clickers@siyah
  38. “@jimjamyahauk: How people engaged in #octel #altc2013…” << a lot of passive engagement but positive vibe
  39. Interview with a frightened academic… #octel #altc2013
  40. Experiences of being a student and a tutor on #octel. opportunity 2experience a MOOC.Highlighted proactiveness needed as a student #altc2013
  41. How to contact and understand #octel participants who disengaged? Time slots changing? Personal reasons? Reasons #altc2013
  42. Peer group disappears which you have formed, how do you respond when this happens on a #mooc #octel #altc2013
  43. David Jennings who worked on ALT lcTEL says in most MOOCs many people participate for the first week & are never heard from again #altc2013
  44. Discussions on why people disengaged from #octel graded levels or engagement possible? #altc2013
  45. Is time an excuse to drop out. Is it not motivation? Or is it because its done in your spare time? #octel #altc2013
  46. In that case I nominate @GrahamMacca to the “Most relevant surname in our trade” award #altc2013 #makingupawards 🙂
  47. @bobharrisonset @sheilmcn If you consider MOOCs as events rather than courses, it doesn’t matter whether you complete them #altc2013
  48. Key to #moocs… You don’t have to do everything… Focus on your needs. You’ll wouldn’t attend all sessions #octel #altc2013
  49. Are MOOCs overwhelming? No, not more so than a conference like this with 450 people – I dont try to talk to everyone. #altc2013
  50. We are all #mooc dropouts… Don’t define yourself by completion as success no guilt #altc2013
  51. @BLE1 talked about her role as a lead author in #octel easier as a tutor than a student? #altc2013
  52. Salutary 1995 quote from Terry Mayes about the perpetual unfulfilled promise of #edtech #altc2013… (MT)
  53. @sheilmcn like concept of focusing on what you need rather than completion as a focus of #mooc. engage in your terms ignore guilt #altc2013
  54. 14.00 Keynote speech: Stephen Downes, Chaired by Haydn Blackey – Main Theatre #altc2013 STREAMED LIVE:
  55. Final live sessions of the day coming up. Last keynote from Stephen Downes, watch live here #altc2013
  56. How many would be here if not being paid by employer? Natural collaboration is not normally the case. External persuasion applies #altc2013
  57. Where has collaboration gone since 2005? Is cooperation different? #altc2013
  58. Hope nobody is asleep like grumpy cat @Downes #altc2013
  59. A conference with learning technologists, one of the few places where tweeting during the sessions is encouraged. #altc2013
  60. Is a MOOC the answer? Will we have to do a GCSE Maths MOOC for all learners who don’t achieve a grade C after 11 years in ed? #altc2013
  61. Change of culture, precipitated by students? Allowing students to have an impact. Students as educational architects #altc2013
  62. #altc2013… The Challenges to Connectivist Learning on Open Online Networks
  63. Value of back channel includes ‘wisdom of the crowd’ not just chalk and talk @oldaily #altc2013
  64. Google developing software for MOOCs and making a YouTube for MOOCs – everything the original model was not (the star model) #altc2013
  65. MOOC failure comes about because of our predefined ‘success’ not *their* desired use #altc2013
  66. We used to finish a we select bits from news websites. We don’t say they have failed so why say that of MOOCs #altc2013
  67. Software to create a #mooc same as that to create a @Downes community newspaper… Who ‘finishes a newspaper’? No need 2 fin #mooc #altc2013
  68. It’s a wrap! New friends. New colleagues. New partnerships. And most importantly new Learning Technology ideas and exchanges #altc2013
  69. #altc2013 News: Thank you for participating in #altc2013
  70. @A_L_T #altc2013 great conference. Great time, good people, excellent networking. Now time to digest back in Sheffield
  71. “@Bulgenen: The cost to attend #altc2013 is clearly displayed on the web site. The value in attending #altc2013 is immeasurable…”
  72. @Bulgenen very poetic and can totally identify with this state. Have been ‘in flow’ mode most of the time at #altc2013

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