ALTC2013 – Registration and Day One

ALTC 2013 – Registration and Day One

ALTC 2013 – Registration and Day One

  1. OK, UK Ed Tech people. @downes is in the country. I repeat: @downes is in the country. Best behavior all #altc2013
  2. Tomorrow is the start of #altc2013. An abundance of activities and sessions. How to choose? see
  3. Drinks reception 7pm tonight in the Orchard Hotel #altc2013
  4. Arrived at #altc2013. So far so good. Accommodation seems good…leafy window view. Exploring campus up next.…
  5. @ladyculottes thanks. @_KirstenT read my mind when thinking those that attended from Leeds could all co-write a piece for the #uotel blog
  6. @ladyculottes cool, will add it to the possible thins to attend 🙂
  7. Anyone at #altc2013 fancy going for a run? Pick a time and we could run round @UniofNottingham campus… @A_L_T
  8. @m_kimo sorry not got one with me, otherwise of course
  9. @MattwestUK totally agree… Trying to make a plan for tomorrow… Hard choices, too many good options #altc2013
  10. Meaningful Discussion for ODL #altc2013
  11. Ready for #altc2013 to start… Ideas already flowing… Must keep track!
  12. @thestubbs shame…. #altc2013 won’t be the same. Hope assessment and moodling goes ok.
  13. @GC_Wood @jamielepiorz yes… If I don’t bump into you before how about the lunchtime break?
  14. “Welcoming Address” by Alan Ford Pro Vice-Chancellor, University of Nottingham 10.40 Main Theatre #altc2013 Watch live:…
  15. @GC_Wood I’m suffering face blindness 🙂 won’t turn around for 3rd time… Might freak people near your out
  16. Sill the case that novel application of technology should enhance learning and not get in the way… Same as in 1994 #altc2013
  17. It’s all about the learner… Building new cultures of learning continued aim of #altc2013
  18. @adamread @bensteeples @digitalfprint @Emmadw… Tablet is my device of choice for #altc2013 over a laptop for this very reason
  19. Share and discover… And take back to our communities to make a difference for us, colleagues and learners #altc2013 @haydnblackey
  20. Enable rather than pick a type of technology… Government support via feltag. Moocs mentioned too #altc2013…
  21. @robingissing you will be missed… Hope to catchup in sheffield soon.
  22. Nottingham run a #NOOC… – available to all registered N’ham students. #altc2013
  23. Alan Ford VC of Nottingham Uni… Blitzed intensive staff development for a term to enable next level use of LT #altc2013 @LT_tech_HE
  24. “@traceymadden: Nott’s NOOCS available to staff and stnts benefit being opportunity for staff to experience format #altc2013@LT_tech_HE
  25. MOOCs have finally put online education on the (management) agenda! #altc2013
  26. @ReneeF indeed… I’m interested in profile of ‘traditional’ distance learning being raised by #mooc activity #altc2013
  27. Students feel bombarded with surveys, they want the nature of their contributions to be two way #altc2013
  28. student empowerment and staff empowerment two halves of the same #struggle against centralised business decisions. #solidarity #altc2013
  29. @rachel_wenstone “those working across disciplines are well placed to look for best practice and trends” & I suggest drive change #altc2013
  30. @farzanalatif true.But would be interesting to see if understanding how to use it for learning is as confident as the tech skills #altc2013
  31. “@bobharrisonset: Best example of student engagement is student digital leaders who lead on cpd for teachers #altc2013” e.g. #NEWVIC
  32. @gillysalmon true.But would be interesting to see if understanding how to use it for learning is as confident as the tech skills #altc2013
  33. @DebbieHolley1 agree.would be interesting to see if understanding how to use it for learning is as confident as the tech skills #altc2013
  34. @digitalfprint excellent. Agree…. Tech skills do not equal educational use/skills of new educational technology #altc2013
  35. Students need induction into HE learning, not just orientation – Rachel Wenstone #altc2013
  36. “A collective student approach rather than one student representing the whole is needed for true partnership @rachel_wenstone#altc2013
  37. @m_kimo best of luck… Sounds like it’ll be great 🙂
  38. @JSteeleDavies I guess you mean implementing longer term strategies rather than yearly ones… Interested in ideas/ways round this.
  39. To what extent has elearning/tel been complicit in furthering the crises eg (capatlism of education)or have they been resisting. #altc2013
  40. – more on the crisis in TEL #altc2013
  41. @m_kimo decided against webinars for on-line course due to problems with ss bandwidth,time zones, staff confidence and attitudes. #altc2013
  42. @HallyMk1 “how does technology use reinforce capitalist trends” … Need to use it to explode system and open up knowledge again #altc2013
  43. Richard hall – crisis in capitalism.. Bring back the political into TEL discussion #altc2013
  44. At precisely the moment that our culture needs radical alternatives to market-based thinking, HE is in complete capitulation to it #altc2013
  45. @HallyMk1 “Is the game already up Consumerisation and marketisation seem endemic in education as they way forward” #altc2013
  46. DS106 being mentioned – – people return over and over. Real sense of community based around digital arts #altc2013
  47. what is technology? everything and nothing? interesting discussion via @helenbeetham sometimes invisible needs to be made visible #altc2013
  48. What is technology and how is it used #altc2013
  49. @CliveYoungUCL social normalisation of technology… Do we think of paper and pen as a technology… Prob not. #alt2013
  50. @alejandroa is a SOOC not just distance learning applied to f2f students… I.e. a form of blended learning.
  51. @becksell2001 argument for one type of device given to students by institution rather than BYOD? @LT_tech_HE
  52. @sheilmcn @helenbeetham social normalisation of technology… We prob don’t consider pen and paper tech any more #alt2013
  53. @reedyreedles trying to define a difference when perhaps there is none?
  54. TEL use so far in education increasing digital divide and undermining open education #altc2013…
  55. Helen Beetham describes an admirable attempt to dev an ‘ethics’ of TEL based around equality #altc2013
  56. Paradox around technology can shift inequalities as well as them… Digital access and engagement #altc2013
  57. Lean coffee mentioned – will look into this – #altc2013
  58. @digitalfprint @sheilmcn @helenbeetham @daveowhite tech is not intrinsically bad or good. It’s the use of it that determines this #altc2013
  59. Making open systems work sessions about to start… #altc2013
  60. @AndyBeggan 5 ebooks on iTunes Author.eBooks seemed to encourage a higher quality of resource instead of just being resources #altc2013
  61. apple (some free ebooks) versus Amazon (charges for ebooks) due to differences. means Oer materials harder via amazon. #altc2013
  62. Moocs as a service… Like outsourcing email. But they are closed clubs… No open access says @mhawksey #altc2013
  63. Up a level platform as a service… Course sites…. #altc2013
  64. RSS feeds glue which squirts information around cMOOCs #altc2013
  65. #ALTc2013 DS106 is clearly the the course of choice – @HallyMk1 @dkernohan and now Matthew Hawksley recommends as well!
  66. Top mistake. Don’t use an email list to introduce themselves… I suggest Social/Buddpress/Forums more suited for 14k people. #altc2013
  67. @mhawksey thanks 🙂 enjoyed hearing the tech behind the cMOOC #octel
  68. @ladyculottes @AndyBeggan not yet should be here later…
  69. @xerte_project developed as solution to enable all to create resources, not just a central team #altc2013
  70. @xerte_project can’t guarantee that tool will be around forever but can try. Like most things, they change I think. #altc2013
  71. @xerte_project now open source and on a scratchyourownitch basis for new features (i.e. develop it yourself) #altc2013
  72. Tim Bullough talking about search engine for engineering resources #altc2013
  73. from the “same people as the Internet” – Tim Boullough #altc2013
  74. “@becksell2001:Thai government want2put android tablets in evry school! HE looks to be behind in its hardware provision #altc2013”@rooob2001
  75. Pandeli Michael Glavanis talking about involving students in multimedia production as part of pedagogy #altc2013
  76. Time for ‘Engage Students in Creative Multimedia Content Production a New Pedagogic Strategy Using Web 2.0 Learning Technologies’ #altc2013
  77. @sarahhorrigan oh dear… Some more digging about why would be interesting #altc2013
  78. Talk 346 arguing that the conventional lecture format is ‘on the way out’ …. hummm … wishful thinking?…#altc2013
  79. @skillsacademic I think so… Large number of lectures going on still
  80. “For tech skills to be acquired by students need to be integrated into work” Same for staff development? #altc2013…
  81. @LizBennett1 interested to hear more about staff development lack of effectiveness for learning skills. Any reports etc to read? #altc2013
  82. @sheilmcn says her job is too difficult to explain, I’m familiar with that too except here! Is #altc2013 education technologist’s anonymous
  83. Multiple ontological representations of the Learning Technologist from @sheilmcn sponge, slug, octopus or chameleon #altc2013
  84. By me – Twitter: How to archive event hashtags and create an interactive visualization of the conversation… #altc2013
  85. Stuart Redhead Talking about the Exeter iTest to find out about student digital literacy #altc2013 @rafehallett…
  86. Had a refreshment? Met some colleagues? Bring them along to the PHOTO BOOTH and become part of the institutional memory #ALTat20 #altc2013
  87. Getting the most our of (y)our VLE session Susanne Wright. @moodle implementation at @NottinghamUni1 #altc2013
  88. @becksell2001 cool, interested to hear how it goes. @farzanalatif knows her AR stuff!
  89. ‘Maximising Moodle’ project…total of 77-80 students in 28 focus groups in 3 countries. That’s a lot of work! #qualityevaluation #altc2013
  90. @becksell2001 perhaps… Something that overlays direct rather than an small window (tablet/phone) into AR seems like next step. #altc2013
  91. MOODLE inspiration sessions @UniofNottingham … Academics talking to academics more convincing #altc2013
  92. Can the #MOOC format respond to the educational challenges #altc2013?
  93. I like to think of the learning technologist role as a bridge…Echoing one option that Tunde Varga-Atkins and Philip Walker think #altc2013
  94. @sheilmcn I’d be pedantic and say technology is value neutral. It’s the use that has value or habits associated with it #altc2013

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